Beneficiaries for community care are patients with advanced advance and/ or major surgery who have a certain degree of dependence and limited ability to move to a health care facility as recommended by the family doctor F-27e), including in cases where home medical care is recommended by specialist doctors.

Beneficiaries of palliative care are patients of all ages with advanced stage chronic disease and other limited prognosis with life expectancy below 12 months with uncontrolled symptoms, psycho-emotional or spiritually significant sufferance, and / or having a certain level of addiction.

The patient and the family are the care unit for palliative care services. Patients with life expectancy below 12 months, confirmed by specialist doctors, can benefit from palliative care in one or more of the following situations when:

a) Curative treatment is ineffective;

b) Uncontrolled clinical symptoms are present;

c) There are psycho-social and spiritual needs;


Beneficiaries will be admitted only with the written consent of the patient, and if his / her inability to make decisions (without discernment) and his / her desire is not known, his / her family or legal representative has the right to participate in decision-making on treatment and care.

Beneficiaries will be admitted based on the referral ticket from the family doctor or specialist in collaboration with palliative care providers.


For patients to be registered, it is necessary to:

• Insurance policy;

• The "027 / e form" sent by the family doctor;

• Extract / copy of the extract from the Oncological Institute, which confirms the diagnosis, stage and progression of the disease (for patients with oncological pathology and palliative care);

• Patient identity bulletin;

• Signing the Contract (consent) for the provision of free services;



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