Center of Family doctors from Balti Municipality

 Since 2012 AO Medlife has been cooperating fruitfully with the Family Medicine Center in Bălţi to provide community and palliative care services at home. The CMF administration of Bălţi municipality is interested in the extension of this type of medical service to the population and by its actions, it actively contributes to the increase of the volume of medical care at home in the territory served.

The interaction takes place at all levels of primary medicine in Bălţi, from the coordination with the IMSP CMF Leadership Bălţi, continuing at the level of Health Centers, section heads and ending with family doctors and rural areas belonging to Bălţi municipality. An important place in the implementation of medical and palliative care belongs to the nurses from CMF mun. Bălți.

In each sector, together with family doctors, according to the medical guidelines, the selections of patients who need this type of services, the necessary procedures and the individual care volume for each patient are selected. Annually, lists of patients in need of home care services are discussed with the leaders of the Bălți Family doctors Center, updated and expanded. Appropriate medical documentation is provided.

The result of many years of joint work has led to a significant increase in the volume of home care services. At the same time, the coverage of this service has expanded. One of the main results of the active collaboration is that the territory served by Balti primary school today is mostly covered with services for community care and palliative care at home in the Republic of Moldova.

This result has a positive effect on the quality of life of the beneficiaries of this type of service - elderly people, people with advanced stage illnesses, bedridden patients, cancer patients and other incurable diseases.

Collaboration with Balti Medical College

AO Medlife collaborates with the Balti Medical College in order to implement community medical and palliative care at home. In 2018 a collaboration contract was concluded between Balti Medical College and AO Medlife.

AO Medlife has provided College students with the foundation, structure and skills of the organization in implementing community and palliative care at home. Students undertake AO Medlife's practical studies where they strengthen their acquired theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills in home care.

An important component of cooperation is the visit of addicted patients by AO Medlife healthcare along with home-based students on a voluntary and non-reimbursable basis.

82 volunteers participate in home visits of elderly people and in patients who need care, do various work, participate in the lives of single people. This activity significantly improves the quality of life of severe and untreatable patients, both medically and socially.

SA Labormed Phara

SA Labormed Pharma collaborates with AO Medlife to support palliative care and medical services at home in the Republic of Moldova. This collaboration is aimed at protecting the health of the population and developing the Association as an institution. AO Medlife is a nonprofit organization that operates under the Single Health Program of the Republic of Moldova and is funded for home care services from CNAM funds. In this context, due to the fact that the financial resources of the Association are limited, for qualitative service and improvement of patients' status, additional financial support is needed. Addition costs are rerouting for transportation services, which are needed to displace staff at the patients' home, motivate medical workers and purchase medication designed according to medical guidelines for home care recipients - senile patients, invalids of the gr. I-II, and bedridden patients with multiple chronic pathologies in advanced stage. SA Labormed Pharma grants financial aid, which is entirely aimed at the benefit of patients and improving their health and contributes to the development of the Association as the institution. This noble gesture has a social responsibility towards them, and the busy active position is also an important part of the image of SA Labormed Pharma.