A volunteer is any citizen of the Republic of Moldova who is a foreign citizen or a stateless person who, in support of civil solidarity, participates in volunteering activities organized by legal entities regulated by public or non-commercial private law.

Volunteering can be a very rich source of education when there is a desire to learn from a volunteer and care about the motivation of a volunteer in the organization where he works. By participating in various projects and events, working in a team or individually, facing different situations and problems, volunteers implicitly acquire new skills, new knowledge, new views - in a word, new skills.

While altruism, concern for others and various problems of community influence are the most obvious motivation to become volunteers, many young people are especially interested in being able to acquire new skills to find work, or to explore different career options. Volunteering can have a strong impact on a young trajectory. Of all types of formal and non-formal learning, volunteering is the most difficult way to learn, develop, and share what you learn.

Becoming a volunteer, you give your time and personal knowledge to those who need your attention. You have the opportunity to become part of our team and help people with the disease, the elderly in one of the regional centers, where AO Medlife provides home health care services.


What do you get in return?

Ø Your personal satisfaction!

Ø Evaluation and thanks of our beneficiaries!

Ø Experience communicating with people, teamwork, event planning!

Ø Agreement a voluntary agreement that confirms your work experience and adds significant value to your resume, which will be appreciated by future employers.

I want to become a volunteer at AO Medlife:

Do you want to volunteer at the Medlife Public Association?

If you are an active, open, sociable person and want to devote yourself to dedication, join AO Medlife. Elders and families of our beneficiaries in need your help and support!

We are waiting for you in our team of volunteers!


We can offer activities in the field of:

1. Medical profile: People with medical education: a doctor, a nurse - for specialized activities.

2. Social profile: Anyone wishing to help the sick, the disabled, the elderly.

3. Activities in other areas: Activities in the field of home care services development, cooperation with primary medicine and local authorities in the regions of the Republic of Moldova. Participation in joint projects. Promotion of medical services at home in society by various methods.